Podcast trailers

We automatically show the first trailer episode listed in your RSS feed. Your podcast trailer appears at the top of the episode list in the mobile Spotify app.

You can add, change, and remove podcast trailers in Spotify for Podcasters.

Adding a trailer

  1. Click on a podcast.
  2. Head to DETAILS.
  3. Click SET TRAILER.
  4. Pick an episode, then click SET TRAILER.

Once you add a podcast trailer, it should show in the Spotify app within minutes.

Changing or removing a trailer

  1. Click on a podcast.
  2. Go to DETAILS.
  3. Click the 3 dots ‘...’ next to the trailer.
    • To change the trailer, click Manage trailer and follow the steps until you see your new trailer’s set.
    • To remove the trailer, click Remove trailer.

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