Getting access to Spotify for Podcasters

To get access, you need to log in with your Spotify account, or choose SIGN UP to create one. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open the side menu by clicking the three dots in the top-left.
  2. Click Add or claim podcast.
  3. Click GET STARTED.
  4. Paste in the link to your podcast's RSS feed.
  5. We’ll send a verification email to the address in your RSS feed. Copy the 8-digit code from that email and paste in the submit form.
  6. Add podcast info like the category, language, and country.
  7. Review the details and submit.

Granting / removing access 

Multiple team members can get access using the steps above to view stats for the same podcast. Each team member needs their own Spotify account and access to the email address in the RSS feed before getting access to the podcast.

If you run into trouble granting or removing access to other email address reach out to us with the following information:

  • Email address to give/remove access to
  • Podcast name(s) 

Note: If you claim or upload your podcast with the wrong Spotify account and want to change which account has access to Spotify for Podcasters, the easiest thing to do is log into the correct Spotify account, then claim access again following the steps above.

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